Australiacha Raja This year in Adelaide, UIOSA is celebrating the Ganesh Festival in a grand and unique way which will bring all SA communities on one platform. This will be the largest Ganesh Festival ever celebrated in Australia. People will see the vastness and richness of other cultures, their art form and historical backgrounds through various performances.

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One of the most important reason of last year's grand success was the great support by all the volunteers. We also need many valunteers to join us in 2017 which eventually would help us in achiving the success.

Please contact the following if you want to contribute in any form:

Ravi Patel: 0430 133 158

Raghu Lingappa: 0412 248 400

Rakesh Gupta: 0435 095 055

Dilip Kulkarni: 0401 317 851

Sponsorships & Donations

Our event is one of the best platform to promote your local business. We have designed various sponsorships levels to suit you. We also appeal to all the comminunities to donate generously and as this event is a huge event

For more details on sponsorship, please contact:

Sadanand More: 0411 831 307

Mihir Shinde: 0414 883 279

Gangadhar Patil: 0403 670 826

Dilip Kulkarni: 0401 317 851